Sunday, 20 August 2017

Battle for the road

Yesterday Tony and Goya came over and we had small game of Muskets & Marshals. As this was the first time Goya had played the rules I thought it best to keep things fairly simple so the terrain was very basic with just a few small hills.

The scenario was also basic, the British were defending a vital road and the French were trying to dislodge them. Tony played the emperor and Goya the Duke of Wellington. I umpired and fed in reserves to each side as and when I felt they were required. Here are the highlights:

"DeLancy, we must hold this vital road and stop Boney in his tracks!"
"Ney, we must take that vital road and knock old hook-nose back to Brussels!"
The French form up in columns and prepare to advance.
In a bold move Tony takes a chance and charges the Cambridgeshires with his lancers. Alten calmly orders them into square and a volley or two sees the Frenchmen off.
Reserves arrive on Wellington's left flank - the Blues & Greys, tough A+ grade troopers.
A view of the table at the end of turn 3. The French are starting to advance although the troops on both sides are still a bit thin on the ground.
The Carabineers and a battery of Guard horse artillery arrive and take up position on a hill dominating the French left flank.
The Nassau Grenadiers were subjected to a continual barrage from two French foot batteries to their front. They stood bravely all day against this fire (perhaps helped by Tony's inability to roll over 3 on a D6).
"Vive le emperor!"
Tony, Goya and myself are all old enough to remember when wargaming was in black and white.
The Swiss and Poles charge home against the Black Watch. The Swiss have taken a lot of casualties (again!) and poor old Picton is down (again!).
The Carabineers get stuck into the British light cavalry, however those hussars on the hill (from Goya's collection) are about to pounce and turn the tables.
Tony assembled a host of cavalry on the right flank but was nervous about charging the solitary unit of Blues & Greys opposite because "they looked hard".
More British reinforcements are arriving (including the naval battalion) but it may be too little too late.
As the Highlanders rout Wellington throws in his reserve heavy cavalry who successfully smash the French columns responsible.
On the other flank though, the Cambridgeshires are routed and...
... so are the Blues & Greys! The road is in French hands, game over.
"Och aye Jimmy it was a near run thing - you tak' the high road and I'll tak' the low one..."

It was great to finally get the Hinton Hunts onto the table again and to give Muskets & Marshals another run out. I think Tony and Goya enjoyed the game and I certainly enjoyed being the umpire so my thanks to them for humouring me.

Friday, 18 August 2017

Legere time

These six French Voltigeurs are part of my current effort to upgrade all my old 18 figure skirmish units to full 24 figure units. They are destined to join the ranks of the 10th legere (click here) once they have been issued with blue coats and breeches.

I’ve enjoyed painting these as they have a very colourful uniform with their “short tailed coats, waistcoats, knee breeches and short tasselled gaiters” as per the Hinton Hunt catalogue description. How can you not like yellow over red plumes and yellow tasselled gaiters?

Technically I think this uniform is for the elite company of a light infantry battalion but I’m happy to field these as a complete unit in my French army. This is another unit that has lacked table time due to its current basing as skirmishers so hopefully they’ll be making more of an appearance in future.

Monday, 7 August 2017

Old Guard test card

Due to an unexpected burst of enthusiasm for my Boer War project nothing much Hinton Huntish has happened for the last couple of weeks. I did however stumble across this photo taken during the run up to Vintage Waterloo which for some reason I don't think ever made it onto the blog.

It shows the entire infantry of the Guard deploying near La Belle Alliance at the start of the test game. There are 10 battalions, all Hinton Hunt, and what a fine sight they made. The unit nearest the camera in the back row are my very own 2nd Regiment de Grenadiers-a-Pied de la Garde Imperiale. All the other units are from Roy’s collection including the rather nice wagon with Cantinière.

Normal service will be resumed as soon as possible. 

Saturday, 29 July 2017

Fall in the leapers

I managed to finish basing up the French Voltigeurs this week and here they are.

"Eyes front!"
"About face!"
"Prepare to fire!"
"Get leaping!"

Matt G painted this unit in its first incarnation back in 2011 (click here) and I have brought it up to strength with the addition of a further 6 figures. Hopefully they will finally get some long overdue table time.

He who hesitates is lost

11.07 – ring ring, ring ring, ring ring…
Me “Hello?”
Mark “I’m back in the Oxfam shop, they’ve got some more Hinton Hunt in including some Colonial stuff, 24 painted figures for twelve quid are you interested?”
Me (thinks) “hmm, Hinton Hunt, my precious, hmm… No! No! stop that, you don’t need any more Hinton Hunt be strong!”
Me “Mark that’s really good of you to call me but I think I’ll pass.”
Mark “No problem I’m just buying some Napoleonics.”
Me (gritted teeth) “ Cheers Mark, thanks for thinking of me” (hangs up)
11.10 - Mrs S “Who was that?”
Me “That was Mark back in the Oxfam shop, they have some more Hinton Hunt.”
Mrs S “Are you going to get them?”
Me (mumbling) “No, I don’t need any more Hinton Hunt.”
Mrs S “Are you sure?”
Me (weakly) “Yes, I’m sure…”
11.20 - Me (thinks) “ those Colonials would be useful for my Boer War project, clearly I do need them!”
Ring ring, ring ring, ring ring…
Me “Hello Mark, I think I do want them can you go back to the shop and buy them for me?”
Mark “No worries, I’ll send you a photo.”
Me (feeling warm inside)“Fantastic!” (hangs up)
11.30 – ring ring, ring ring, ring ring…
Me “Hi Mark.”
Mark “ Hi Ian, I just got back in the shop and the bloke in front of me had just bought all those Colonial figures, sorry.”
Me (thinks) “What a swine, Mark should have punched him, hmm Hinton Hunt, my precious…”
Me (feebly) “Thanks anyway Mark…” (low sobs)

Friday, 14 July 2017

Voltigeurs with a yellow streak

The Voltigeurs have all be re-issued with nice bright yellow collars and we’re going to say no more about this whole sorry episode. Except that it took one coat of Foundry orange 3B and two coats of yellow 2B to put things right, fortunately I didn’t end up with too many wobbly lines and just one or two figures will need some touching up (you can blame Tony for the title of this post).

Once the officer is finished off this lot will be ready for varnishing and basing. The 6 new figures will be based along with the 18 older ones to my revised light infantry basing scheme which allows them to be deployed either as skirmishers or as a close order battalion.

On a separate note I have turned the lightbox feature in Blogger back on to make it easier to view the photos on this blog. I previously turned it off so it was possible to zoom in to read documents such as painting instructions but as I’ve only posted a few of these it makes sense to revert. It might be worth looking back at some of my old posts such as Vintage Waterloo to fully enjoy this photo function.

UPDATE - I've had to turn the lightbox off again as a lot of my older images at the start of the blog were not displaying properly. I'm afraid I'll have to keep it turned off until I can figure out what's going on, sorry!

Wednesday, 12 July 2017

Une coq up

I can’t believe that I just about finished painting the Voltigeurs when I realised that I’d done the collars in red instead of yellow. Not just these ones but the 18 previously painted by Matt G (to my instructions – not his fault) will all need over-painting in yellow, grrrrr!

I’ve tried one here and it was a right old fiddle because it takes at least three coats of my yellow to cover up the red. Perhaps some line Voltigeurs did in fact have red collars? Come on, help me out here!

I guess I could just leave them as a ‘retro uniform error’ a bit like Baraguay d’Hilliers in his blue uniform rather than dragoon green (click here) or like Picton in his circus outfit rather than raincoat (click here).